Inside the anime, Fisheye got introduced in a similar manner to Zoisite (as an effeminate homosexual guy)

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Inside the anime, Fisheye got introduced in a similar manner to Zoisite (as an effeminate homosexual guy)

in reality had been arguably more effeminate than Zoisite. Fisheye had not been in a stable commitment and over this course of Sailor Moon SuperS was actually drawn to a number of people, such as Mamoru Chiba; he furthermore cybermen search ended up being a frequent cross-dresser and commonly pretended is a girl being attempt to attract these guys. One exclusion to the was a student in the event 140, when he dressed as men when pursing Yoshiki Usui, implying that Usui got honestly homosexual themselves. Inside manga, however, Fisheye got a much more compact role, like a monster-of-the-day, and he attemptedto entice Ami as a part of the inactive moonlight’s methods.

Fan Canon

Listed here was conjecture among enthusiasts about feasible homosexual/bisexual orientation among figures, through scenario and innuendo, that is often mentioned in lover canon.


Fiore’s obsession with Mamoru Chiba for the Sailor moonlight R film enjoys directed many lovers to close out that Fiore is homosexual. Ami Mizuno recommended that Mamoru was popular with people in mention of this when you look at the R motion picture, which directed others women to jokingly contact the girl perverted. However, it is very possible that the alien was just obsessed with Mamoru, as he got the actual only real pal Fiore could actually recall having.

Real Time Actions Zoisite

In the live-action collection, Zoisite was actually recommended as being protective of Prince Endymion to the stage of fixation. He desired to break-up Endymion and Serenity, who the guy wouldn’t trust. This resulted in the thought of Zoisite having an unrequited fascination with Endymion becoming well-liked by enthusiasts. Having said that, their focusing of Sailor Venus at their energy since the decoy princess, and his awesome subsequent cooperative attempt with her to break upwards Usagi and Mamoru features led some lovers to advise the two were interested in each other. [3]

Yoshiki Usui and His Associate

As is mentioned, in occurrence 140 Fisheye pursued the affections of a man (Yoshiki Usui) without drawing near to him in drag. This may show that Usui had been freely homosexual (or at least recognized or assumed are homosexual by Fisheye) and his awesome career, trend build, may also be stereotypically represented in fiction to be a profession alternatives favored by gay boys. There was some implication that their assistant are his fan, or perhaps feel drawn to your, as Fisheye’s interventions brought about the 2 to row, and the two made-up at the conclusion of the occurrence after Fisheye left. In addition, in English dub the associate ended up being recognized as Yoshiki Usui’s bro; [4] this modification has been mentioned by lovers to be similar to the modification of Haruka and Michiru’s relationship to regarding cousins in the same dub. [4]

Saitou Sugao

The flamboyant and effeminate nature of Minako’s manager for the live-action series, Saitou Sugao, has led numerous enthusiasts to presume he had been meant to be recommended as homosexual. This had never been verified downright on monitor.

Although the program’s protagonists and antagonists had been mostly female, especially in the later tale arcs, a number of guys happened to be delivered as homosexual from inside the show, moreso for the anime continuity than someplace else.


Listed here are characters with a homosexual sexual orientation which was explained in one form of the show’ canon.

Kunzite and Zoisite

Those two Shitennou comprise provided as homosexual enthusiasts inside the anime, and it also was actually discussed in passing through the musical Sailor moonlight – Gaiden deep Kingdom Fukkatsu Hen (though it was remaining unclear in subsequent musicals). Zoisite got recommended since younger, more immature associated with the pair a number of of his behavior he performed for his leader and fan Kunzite. The 2 worked with each other on a number of times and Zoisite used the suffix “sama” (?§?), a suffix which suggests great respect, when talking about Kunzite. When Zoisite ended up being slain, Kunzite granted your their final intend “to perish attractively” and encircled him with blossoms; he additionally conducted extreme grudge against Evil Prince Endymion who he held responsible for Zoisite’s passing. Whenever Kunzite died, the guy called aside Zoisite’s title. However, the manga would not existing the 2 in this light, therefore the stuff range means their unique commitment as actually similar to compared to brothers.

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